Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hamburger & Macaroni

It was supposed to be a lasagna night, but i realized to late that i did not have enough cheese, so i just threw a bunch of stuff together and called it dinner. I was so busy today, it started out with K's skating lesson at 10:30, then lunch, and then the Santa Clause Parade at 1. This is a picture of K and his friend grabbing candy canes that were thrown at them.

This afternoon, i came home and modeled my Christmas Party dress for my mom, to see if it needs to be taken in (yes, but it is manageable, so i am not going to spend the money). And then i made cookies and dinner, while listening to the Empty Stocking Fund broadcast; a local Christmas fundraiser that has been going on in Saint John since 1912. My sister, my mom and I got together and pledged 30 dollars from my nephew, Kyristan (K) and his puppy Puck. Tonight, K is coming over to visit for a couple hours while his mom and dad go out, so it has been busy all day!

So dinner tonight, after i could not make lasagna, i decided to make a mess. I cooked up a pound of hamburger and drained it. While it was cooking, i chopped about 1/4 each onion and red pepper. After the burger was all cooked, i threw in the veggies then dumped in a bottle of pasta sauce, filled about half of the bottle with water and poured that in to. Then i stirred in a sprinkle of Mrs Dash and a bit of crushed chillies for kick, as well as about a cup of macaroni.

I let this mess simmer for about 20 minutes, until the pasta was tender. And this is what it looked like. A mess.

I meant to give it a sprinkle of cheese, but i was half through the bowl when i realized i had forgotten. Oops. I served it with leftover cornbread from Thanksgiving. This meal was hearty but did not have much taste, i think if i do this again i will add some garlic and maybe some Parmesan stirred in.

It definitely made plenty of leftovers, enough for 5 servings. This is good, because the original reason why i planned for lasagna was so i could have leftovers for next weekend, when i have to work two 12 hour shifts. 

We got our first real bit if snow today to. It was supposed to rain, but at about 11 it started to snow and it came down hard for awhile! About an inch stuck, a far cry from what we got 2 years ago on this day. 

 Ho Ho Ho, hope everyone had a great Saturday! 


  1. Sometimes food that looks like a mess turns out the best! The parade looks fun!

  2. Oh wow, snow AND the santa clause parade already! Looks like a bunch of fun. And your meal looks warm and delicious.

    On a side note, I have that workout DVD for you. Just need your mailing info. bettyrayblogs at gmail dot com. :) I'm planning to send it on Monday.