Saturday, November 20, 2010

White Fudge

I got this recipe from a link in my new Christmas What's cooking magazine, so it is another Kraft recipe. They seem to have a lot of nice ones.

I was going to write about this last night, but the fudge did not set. And even this morning, it is not as set as i would like it to be. I have a feeling as to why it did not turn out, I don't think there was enough chocolate.

When i bought the chocolate at the Bulk Barn, a little alarm went off in my head that the squares are smaller than the regular chocolate ones. I have never bought white chocolate squares before, so i thought maybe white chocolate comes smaller, and i went with them. For regular chocolate, the Bulk Barn sells Baker's squares, the white chocolate was a different maybe the other brand makes them smaller, because i know Baker's squares are 1 ounce each and the recipe calls for 12 Baker's squares. Either way, i don't think i had enough chocolate and i will try again, because this looks so yummy.

White Fudge

12 squares Baker's white chocolate.
3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk.
1 cup coarsely chopped toasted almonds.
12 cup dried cranberries.
1 Tbsp orange zest.

Microwave chocolate and milk in large bowl on medium for 2 to 3 minutes until almost melted. Stir until completely melted.
Stir in nuts, cranberries and zest. Spread into 8 inch lined pan, refrigerate 2 hours. Cut into 24 bars.

I did make one small change, which was i did not use as many almonds. The picture below is one cup, it is a lot for this small amount. Maybe this is where i screwed up, maybe the almonds hold it together. 

I only stuck about half of these into the mix. They did not toast very well, either. I have never toasted nuts before, i think in my rush i did not leave them in the oven long enough. 

This is the white fudge with some chocolate that i made with the leftover milk (recipe here). The chocolate didn't really turn out, either, since i halved the recipe. It ended up being a bit harder than usual, but still edible. If you look at the white fudge closest to the bottom, you can see that it has slid a bit. The bottom of the fudge was very sticky, i had to peel it off the waxed paper. The top was a bit crispy from the air, so i sliced it and turned each piece upside down on a plate in the fridge, hopefully the bottom will crisp up to so i can pack it away.

When i go out today, i will get more chocolate; either a proper 12 ounces or the proper brand. And since i still have enough ingredients, i might try this again this evening!

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