Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tales from a Four year old.

I really do not have a recipe to share today, but i did bake today. I re-made my cornbread tonight, for an American Thanksgiving dinner that i am going to tomorrow. I had to double the recipe since there are going to be a bunch of people dining. Instead of doubling all the ingredients in one batch, i actually made the recipe twice and dumped it all into a huge pan i have. 

It looks like a cake ready for icing. I also made a mini one, my beau can't come to dinner, so i scooped a bit of the batter into a mini pan and he can have some this weekend, since he liked it so much the last time i made it (recipe here). The picture is almost actual size!

But i am not just reposting a recipe...i have a story to tell. A series of cute stories really. Last night my nephew came over to spend the night, while Mommy and Daddy showed their friends from Georgia, USA, around town. Since we had nothing to do, my little man K and I decorated the Christmas tree. I know, it is super early, but we were bored and both he and i have busy schedules, so there may not be time for us to get together between now and Christmas to do it. Here is the first ornament going on.

He is getting awesome at posing while putting the first ornament on, since we had him do it several times last year. It took us an hour to get them all on, and we only broke one! Thankfully, it was a brand new one, not one of the ones that is older than the two of us together. I have some decorations that were on our tree when i was K's age, and some others that were from my Grandmother's from when my Mom was K's age. 

And here is our tree. A little crooked, and no tinsel. I hate that stuff. In fact i am still pulling pieces off of it from two years ago when i lent my tree to my sister, she loves the stuff as much as i despise it.  The tree does light up as well, but i found they were to bright for the photos and the decorations did not show. This morning, i rearranged a few decorations and added 4 glass angels, that are much to delicate for preschooler's hands. 

But that is just how we kept ourselves entertained last night; after the decorations i got some lessons in 4 year old knowledge. Before bed, we had a snack of a slice of toast and a glass of water each. Since K was sleeping on the sofa, i asked him if he thought he should drink water, or if he might have an accident (he is a very wise 4 year old). I asked him if he thought i should put something down under the sheet, and that i did not want him to pee on my couch. K told me he would be OK, but if he peed, my couch would not get wet, his PJs would...oh...well, silly me, i did not know that :-)

I left him to watch his movie and went to read in my room. When i came back a half hour later to check on him, K told me i had to take Pluto (Mickey Mouse's dog) to bed with me, because he wanted to sleep with Yoshi (Mario's dinosaur) instead. Up until now, Pluto had been sitting on the coffee table, guess he was lonely. So, off Pluto and i went to bed. :-)

This morning, i discovered that apparently 4 year olds need less sleep than 29 year olds. I admit i was already awake when he came into my room, anyway (no thanks to my older sister, texting me at 7:30 AM). After i jumped when i heard the bathroom vent come on; i had forgotten i was not alone in the apartment; K came in and asked me to re-zip his PJs because the zipper stuck. Away he went back to bed. Since his Mommy tells me he never sleeps in, i thought i was lucky and was just getting comfy for an extra snooze when who should come back...K ran to the window, threw back the curtain that he could reach and said "Look Tasha, it's Sunny!". Well, no, it's actually overcast, but ya, it's morning, and the alarm has not gone off yet. I knew he would not let me try to sleep, since it was sunny, so we got up and watched a movie together until Mommy showed up with a yummy breakfast from Tim Horton's. 

And by one i was sitting at work, ready for a nap, betcha he didn't need a nap today. Lucky kid with super energy!

I had a lot of fun with my nephew, and he loves coming over. It has been a long time since he has stayed the night at my place, usually we go to my Mom's when i have him all night. But i just wanted to share a bit of 4 year old theology, since it is so darn funny!  I have a hard time not laughing at most things K says. And the last time he caught me laughing at what he said, he asked me what i was laughing at. I told him "You, kiddo." he looked at me deadpan and said..."But I'm not funny". :-) 

Poor little K, you'll get it someday.  Bye for now, and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans!! 

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