Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mini Pies

I can't believe it is November 25th month to the big day! I am ready, tree is up, presents bought and wrapped, most baking done. I just sit back, watch the chaos, and have fun. Today i have to run out to get my Christmas party dress taken in because i lost to much weight and can't afford to buy a new dress. Yay!  But, the seamstress doesn't open until 10 and i was up at 7:30, so i decided to make some mini pies.

When we were kids, my mom would make mini pies for us to take in our lunches. Usually apple, but sometimes blueberry. By the time i was in fifth grade,  my mom had a good following for being an awesome baker, so i shared many cookies, pies and donuts that year!

Today, i decided to make two pumpkin pies, one for my beau and one for my little man K, an apple pie for my beau, and a cherry pie...mine! I LOVE cherries, gimme a can of cherry pie filling and a spoon and let me go! Yummy! No, I've actually never done this, when i was a kid my mom would have screamed, and now i usually never seem to buy enough. I get it bulk and always seem to have just enough to fill the pie.

I used the leftover pastry from our pumpkin pie from Remembrance Day (here) and made another batch of filling. What i did not use today, i stuck in a yogurt container and froze. I used a left over apple from my apple sauce, with a sprinkle of sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg; and the cherry pie was easy, open the container and dumped in the filling.

I precooked the pumpkin shells for a few minutes, and i chose to use the quick latticework topping for the others because i would not have had enough pastry to make full tops. I think i have mentioned before that i can not make pastry and always have my sister make it, so i was going with what i had.

The fruit pies cooked first, and they look delicious! I can't wait to dig in. They only took about half an hour to cook. Another ten minutes and the pumpkin pies were done to.

The pastry shrunk a lot, probably because it was a re-roll. I am sure the guys will not notice as they inhale them! 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US, I am off work today to have turkey with some friends visiting from Georgia. Hope everyone has a great day, and stays safe shopping Black Friday tomorrow! 


  1. Both the pies look delicious. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you; they have not been sliced yet, but i can't wait to try them!