Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mini burgers, or Sliders

This morning, i decided to make some rolls.

 I also took out some hamburger for dinner. By lunchtime, i was poking the partially frozen meat and thinking 'Now what?' I kinda didn't feel like something hamburgery anymore, but really hadn't much choice since everything else was frozen and this was not. While waiting for my walking partners, i was trolling the blogs and saw The Mom Chef had made meatball sliders last night. This looks like dinner! I didn't copy the recipe exactly, I didn't really have time, so i made my own version.

I had planned on serving dinner at 7, when my walking partners left me at 5:30, i found an email asking if dinner could be at six instead. So, i grabbed the hamburger and started throwing things together. I threw some Italian seasoning, some grated Parmesan and a small sprinkle of dried chilies into the meat, gave it a stir and made 7 mini burgers. I took some cheese slices and cut them in four to accommodate the minis; i also sliced some lettuce, onions and dug out the jar of bread and butter pickles that my Mom had given me last Fall. At the last minute, i decided to fry up some leftover pepperoni for kicks. I sliced some of my rolls, and this is what i got:

This is before the ketchup, mustard and pickles. With this, i fried up some hash browns and a chunk of garlic bread. The extra carbs were probably not needed, but i went for a very long walk today, so i deserve it :-) With the homemade rolls, this was very filling. We only had two each, and didn't get dessert because we were to full.

So today, my walking partners were my nephew K and his Daddy. My sister had to work, boo. They were calling for rain all day, but it has yet to start, and i am happy because it was a beautiful day, and i think i got the first sunburn of the year. We did not have a booster seat for K so we had to walk to the park, it is about 20 minutes, uphill. Lily Lake still has ice on it, but it is quickly thawing!

We walked around Lily Lake and through the woods to the playground. Being lazy grown-ups, we sat on a bench and let K play. After leaving the playground, we walked back through the woods to the lake and threw some rocks in. I wondered out loud why rock throwing is such an fun pastime when really all you are doing is mindlessly throwing rocks, K had a ball and would have stayed all day had we had time! We then decided we were all thirsty and a bit hungry, so we went for a snack at Lily's Cafe. It was the first time i had been in there (not including the catering they did for my sister's wedding), the food was really good, a little pricey but not over the top.

After snacks, K convinced us to go throw some more rocks. i got a couple of good action pictures and Daddy got a few rocks on the ice (one by skipping, two by pitching). Finally, we walked back to my house, which included another walk halfway around the lake, the entrance is way over there in the center of the picture to the right of the building. At my house, we played Wii until my sister got off work and came to pick them up for the hockey game.

I am listening to the second game of Round two of the playoffs. The Seadogs won last night 4 to 1. Right now, it is the  beginning of the third period, and the score is tied at two. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they pull their socks up and get another!!

Can you see the bird on the top of the feeder? 

Tomorrow, it is supposed to be even warmer than today. We might be going home to Wirral for a few hours, so if so i probably won't be baking tomorrow. We have the rest of the garlic bread to use up, so i will probably be making pasta to go with it. Yummy! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


  1. Nice post. looks like you had a beautiful walk and the sliders look good too.

  2. mmm, we love mini sliders. It seems the kids will eat anything if it's teeny bite sized. Beautiful pictures today as well!