Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cake Pops Take 2

After my last attempt at Cake Pops  I stuck what i did not have sticks for into the freezer to complete at a later date. Last night, while listening to the Seadogs round 2 game 4, i decided it was time to practice my dipping skills. This time i used milk chocolate, and i melted the tiniest bit of shortening into it. I kept the cake balls frozen until the absolute last minute, and then if the pan got to thawed, i stuck it back into the freezer and dug out another.

I only had St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day sprinkles, so i left most plain.  Here are one of each of those and one decorated with M&M minis. The chocolate solidified so much easier with them being frozen. I think if  i can make cleaner looking cake balls, i can be ready to roll them out into my line up of goodies. To see what else I have, search for My Sweet Home Baking on Facebook!

It was an exciting game last night, the Seadogs won 5 to 4, but not without a fight! The Tigres scored a minute into the game, less than a minute later, the Seadogs tied it. Five minutes after that, they got another and were ahead for a good ten minutes! Then, the Tigres again scored to tie the game. No goals in the second period...finally the Seadogs scored halfway through the third, we were winning! And again, less than a minute later the Tigres tied it!!! Finally, three minutes to the end of the game, the Seadogs brought the score to 4 -3, yay we won!! 35 seconds left, the Tigres tied it again!! Ahhh!!! Thankfully, five minutes into overtime, the Seadogs scored, and when there is a goal, overtime ends! Yay! One more game and they win this round. The next game is tomorrow night, i am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed! And, since i have to listen to it on the radio, i have to find a recipe for tomorrow night!