Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brown Sugar Fudge

What a weekend! And it is only half over. It is 8 AM Sunday morning, i have a cherry bread in the oven and a batch of chocolate fudge in the fridge, setting. I still have to make some cookies today and at least one more batch of fudge. And this afternoon, i am going to a Mary Kay party at 2 and a hockey game at 4(Go Seadogs!), I also have to run to the dollar store to get tins for all my baking!

Yesterday was also a full day. I made 2 banana breads, 2 lemon breads, an eggnog bread and my new recipe for brown sugar fudge. Also... because that does not make a full day, i managed 2 runs to Wal-Mart, lunch in the City Market, a walk to the arena 30 minutes away to get my hockey ticket, and i attended a Christmas party for work with my nephew and brother-in-law (we work for the same company). Here are some beautiful cookies decorated by my little man K. Below, pictures of my baking yesterday. Links for the recipes are below each picture.

Had to have a bit of help with the green tube of icing, but it was either concentrate on squeezing it hard enough to come out of the tube, or to guide it, so K squeezed while Daddy helped guide the icing. 

We both agreed that if K does not become a hockey player or speed skater, he will be on the Food Network someday...and then my baking:

And my new recipe, brown sugar fudge, it makes 64 one inch squares (as seen in the picture above where i have left my recipes under my plate). So before i serve, i will be cutting each of these in half. I go the recipe from the Eagle Brand website. 

Can of sweetened condensed milk (300 mL)
2 cups brown sugar, tightly packed.
1/2 Lb butter.

Microwave on high 10 minutes, stirring every two minutes Let cool slightly. 
Beat with mixer 5 minutes. Spread into prepared 8 X 8 inch pan. Chill to set.

This stuff is beyond sweet! I used margarine instead of butter, maybe next time i will use butter to see if it cuts the sweetness of it a bit. Here is the concoction after the final microwaving. 

After, i believe, the third 2 minutes, i had to start using oven mitts to take the bowl out of the microwave to stir. It was HOT. I stirred the bubbles down and let it sit about 10 minutes while i lined the pan, did some dishes and pulled the egg nog bread from the oven. Carefully, i put it into my mixer, since i do not have a hand mixer and my luck i would have splashed it all over myself. I set a timer for five minutes and let it spin.

I have recipes everywhere on all kinds of spare pieces of paper. Here you see to the left, the recipe for pumpkin pie filling. 

So this mixed for five minutes, and when it was done it was very smooth. And HOT. The bowl, the paddle, even the mixer above the bowl. I had to use oven mitts again to take it off the mixer and scrape it into the pan, not an easy task; metal bowls are slick when clutching them with fabric and not being able to lean the bowl on your body for support.

It was a very sticky concoction, and appeared to be setting even before it got into the fridge. I forgot to take a picture of it in the pan. Either way, about 2 hours later (after a dinner of delivery and a break to read the paper and do nothing for a few minutes)  it was good to go to cut into pieces like this.

I found it to sweet, my beau liked it but admitted it is very sweet (something he will seldom admit). 

So why am i doing so much baking all of a sudden, besides that it is Christmas? I put an ad on a free site called Kijiji, and i got two replies from people around town that would like me to do their Christmas baking this week. So, before the end of the week, i am making the following:

2 Banana Breads, 2 lemon breads, a cherry bread, an egg nog bread, 2 dozen each gingerbread, shortbread, sugar cookies and 4 dozen other cookies, 2 batches of chocolate fudge, 2 batches of white fudge, a dozen peanut butter balls and a dozen cherry winks. One of the ladies had asked me if i made brown sugar fudge. I have never tried it, but decided to and if it turned out, i planned on giving her some complimentary. It seems to have turned out, so she will be getting some :-) 

So, Merry Christmas, Happy baking. I have never made ginger bread before either, so that adventure will be posted here. I have not posted shortbread or sugar cookies yet, either. So if i have time to write in the next week, may Christmassy recipes are coming your way!! 

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