Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Melted Snowman Cookies

I found this about a week ago on one of the Blogs i follow, Moogie & Pap. I thought they were absolutely adorable and just had to try it. So tonight, i decided i was going to make a batch for my co-workers. We all have to work on Christmas Eve, so it will be a little treat. Well, after coming home at 6, having company till seven, getting dinner, and cleaning the kitchen, i said screw the baking and pulled a batch of fudge from the freezer; it will be appreciated just as much. But i still wanted to make these cute cookies!! So, looking around, i discovered i still had a half dozen shortbread cookies from last week's adventures (here), so i decided to go with them.

All you need for this recipe is a batch of baked sugar or shortbread cookies, some icing, food colors and large marshmallows. Any other decorations are up to you.

I cheated and used a container of store bought icing, it was sitting in the fridge anyway. I put about a quarter teaspoon into a ramekin and mixed it with red and yellow food colors for carrot noses, and then i put a dollop of red food gel on the other side of the ramekin and mixed in a bit of blue for eyes and buttons. When i was done with those colors, i mixed the two together and made a funky brown color, which i used arms and mouths. I used toothpicks for paintbrushes.

So basically all you need to do is ice the cookie, microwave the marshmallows 15 seconds (just enough to get a melted look), stick them to the icing, and decorate.

And then you have adorable melted snowman cookies.  I am kinda glad i did not make a whole huge batch, it took me almost 20 minutes just to do these six! But, they are cute, and look delicious, and i am sure they will be gobbled up quickly!

Merry last two days before Christmas!!

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