Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe this year has spun by so fast!! Hopefully next year will bring great things! Tonight, my city will ring in the new year with a huge outdoor concert, and fireworks at midnight, of course! Here are a few pictures from the fireworks in August, to mark the 225th birthday of Saint John.

My beau took some friends and I to the top of a building where we could see the entire Uptown area, it is a beautiful view! 

Maybe tonight we will go up to the top of the world again and watch the fireworks, the city is saying they are to be the best they have ever fired off! Other than maybe the fireworks (if i can stay up until Midnight, i have been up since 6 AM) we have no plans for tonight set in stone. Maybe dinner, or the concert; me may even attend a house party.

As for 2011? So far things are looking up! My baby sister is getting married in early March, so the next two months are to be a flurry of showers and meetings with seamstresses and the new in-laws, as well as other duties that fall to the bridesmaids.

After that? I am not ad on Kijiji for Christmas baking as a success, so i am thinking of trying to go into the cookie business. A first step towards someday owning my own bakery. Maybe some business courses to help me along the way? I could use a course in French, to!

But, most of all i would like to continue along with my baking and cooking blog. I have 12 followers now, by the end of next year i would like to double that, the more the merrier!!


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