Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stir Fry Wanna-Be

All week i have been working the early shift, 7 AM until 3 PM. It is nice to get off work early, but it makes for a long evening. I have been home over two hours, and it is only 5:30. Usually by this time, i would be getting ready for bed or reading...but it is much to early. Another thing about being off so early is i actually am able to take the time to cook dinner.

A couple weeks ago, i was out with a friend. We were in a cooking store, pots and pans, cookie cutters, utensils, all around. I found some chopsticks, a set for thirty cents, so i bought 2 sets. Last night, i decided it was time to break them out.

I started my stir-fry wanna be with a chicken breast chopped up. Into my frying pan it went, until cooked. By this time, i realized i did not have much by way of veggies. So i went with what i had. I chopped a carrot, and a bit of onion and threw them in. While this was cooking, i measured about half a cup of frozen peas and thawed them in some warm water. When the carrots were softened, i drained and threw in the peas. Finally, i added about a quarter cup of VH sweet & sour sauce, and i just stirred it around to let it warm up a bit. Actually, it was then that i realized i forgot the rice, so while it 'warmed' i rushed to get some Minute Rice going.

It was really good and quite filling, but i did not have enough for leftovers for lunch today, next time i will make sure i have more veggies and maybe add another chicken breast so i can have those leftovers. 

Since I have to be at work for 7 AM, i have to get up super early. As mentioned before, i am NOT an early morning person. Usually, i get up at least 2 hours before i have to be at my desk, since i only live a ten minute walk away, this gives me plenty of time to get ready and have a good breakfast. There is no way i am getting up any earlier than 6 AM, so this week has been a rush. Up at 6, dive into the shower and get ready, pull lunch from the fridge, make tea while brushing my teeth, and out the door. So, breakfast has been eaten at my desk. All week, before going to bed i have been putting 1/2 cup of minute oatmeal into a plastic container and sticking into my lunch bag. I have also been making a smaller container of homemade applesauce to go with it, but it stays in the fridge with my lunch. Wednesday, i decided to mix it up a bit and put some raisins and cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg into my oatmeal. 

When i get to work, i just half fill the container with water and microwave it for a minute and a half. Stir in the apple sauce, and i have breakfast! I have been arriving to work super hungry because of this, but the oatmeal has been lasting me until 10 AM or later, so i have been eating less snacks in the daytime, i find. Perfect for trying to lose weight! 

It's been a crazy week, and next week only gets crazier. I have tonnes of baking to do for two orders i have to fill from my ad on Kijiji. Lately, it seems i have not been putting up new recipes, just stuff i have been throwing together or repeats of old ones; have no fear, this weekend i am trying something new, and i can't wait to see if it will turn out!! 

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