Sunday, December 5, 2010

Home Fries

With a bit of planning ahead, this can be a super simple and delicious dinner, or breakfast! Home fries are my favorite, but when ordered at a restaurant, I find they are usually greasy or deep fried, yuck. 

Since i worked a 12 hour shift today, and had an hour lunch, I ran home to peel, chop and boil two large potatoes; I also threw a package of sausages into my slow cooker. After the potatoes were cooked, i stuck them in the fridge for after work. When i got home, all i had to do was heat about a tsp butter in a large frying pan and throw them in!

I let them crisp up, tossing occasionally, i checked the sausages. They were not cooked, so i pulled two out and nuked them for a minute and a half. The rest, i fried after i was done eating. 

I served with the sausages, a bit of ketchup, a bit of honey mustard and a slice of corn bread. Yummy! This would go well with eggs, toast, bacon, or anything else your heart desires!

Home fries, the perfect breakfast/dinner. 

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