Friday, August 5, 2011

Chicken Caesar Bowtie Salad

Yay, it's Friday! When means, tomorrow I can relax, sleep in a bit and do nothing. Well, not exactly nothing, but less than what I did today! Last night just before leaving work, I was cruising the blogsphere and found this recipe on Life as a Lofthouse. It looked easy and delicious and it was different, which is something I have been looking for. I kind of downsized it a bit, I am only one person, but here is her full recipe.

Chicken Caesar Bowtie Salad.

2-3 large Chicken Breasts
1 tsp Olive Oil
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1/2 lb Bowtie Noodles
3 Hearts of Romaine Lettuce
1 Cucumber
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan Cheese
Caesar Croutons
Caesar Dressing

Drizzle oil and seasoning over chicken, bake at 375 F until done. Let sit for five minutes, then chop into bite sized pieces.

While chicken is baking, prepare other ingredients, Wash and chop romaine, chop cucumbers, cook noodles as per package instructions. Cool pasta by running cold water over it.

In large bowl, toss together romaine, cucumbers, cheese and croutons. Add noodles and chicken, toss again. Serve with dressing.

Yum! It serves 4 to 6, but I made 3 large servings instead, because I planned on having it as a main rather than side. I added bacon bits to the dish i ate for lunch, but i left them out of the dish i plan on having for dinner tonight because I find they go soggy.

I only changed one thing in the recipe, instead of sprinkling the spice over the chicken before cooking, I sprinkled it on last night while it thawed and let it sit all night. I used 3/4 of a cucumber and only one chicken breast.

I could not find romaine hearts, so i just used regular romaine. I ended up using about 5 leaves.

I am definitely going to make this again, i used up all my bow-tie pasta, so I will have to get more or use something else. I have so many shapes to chose from, and i don't think it would make any difference.

Once I got everything into the bowl, I used a rubber spatula to toss it all. They are great for getting to the bottom of a bowl!

I am probably going to have soggy croutons by the time dinner rolls around, but i think i can live with it. This was surprisingly filling, while I was eating it i thought I might need to make a grilled cheese to go with it, but by the time i finished, i was quite full.

I am thinking of trying another new recipe tomorrow night, so i will be back soon! Happy Friday, everyone!

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