Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pretzel S'Mores

I am going camping this weekend! I have not gone camping in about ten years, so I am super excited. I went out and bought all my groceries yesterday, I borrowed a cooler to put it all in and am half packed, i can't wait for the weekend!

I am shamed to say that I have never had s'mores while camping. We always roasted marshmallows as kids, but my mom never brought the crackers and chocolate needed. The weather man is calling for a chance of rain Saturday night, and that means I may not get my bonfire; so as a backup, I stole this recipe from Love from the Oven. I figured I would make them up and stick them in the cooler, just in case we are stuck huddling in a tent all evening.

This is a very basic recipe. All you do is slap a marshmallow and chocolate onto a pretzel, microwave it to melt, and throw another pretzel on there. Let it set, and dip into heavenly chocolate.

I got some mini pretzels at the Bulk Barn yesterday while i was out getting groceries, so instead of using a whole marshmallow i cut them into thirds. The little rounds fit perfectly.

 Because chocolate bars are not cheap (it cost me 5 dollars to pick up two for this weekend), I used some melts that I had leftover.

I found the chocolate did not melt very well. I microwaved them for 30 seconds, let the marshmallows deflate, and then microwaved them for another 15. I put the tops on and then heated them for another 15 seconds. I froze them for about 5 minutes to set up while i melted the chocolate.

I think my chocolate was just to old. I find sometimes if they are old, they will not melt smoothly. When i melted the rest for dipping, it was lumpy. It was kind of seized, so maybe there had been a bit of water in the bowl that I had not noticed. Finally, i froze them for another hour to make sure the chocolate was set.

The verdict?  Yummy! I love the salty sweet taste. They may not even make it to the campground :-)

So, I am still counting down the minutes until the weekend. It is pouring rain here today, and supposed to be sunny with a chance of showers on the weekend. Usually the forecast changed 10 times a day, so i am keeping my fingers crossed for s'mores!!

Have a good week, everyone!


  1. have fun, these look fabulous

  2. Thats a clever idea... Have fun!

  3. Quick and yummy! I like this idea!

  4. Oh, I haven't been here in so long!!! Such a wonderful day to visit with this yummy treat...sweet, salty AND chocolate! These sound scrumptious~