Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turkey Mash-Up

My mom sent me home with a huge turkey leg on Sunday, it was supposed to be for my beau (who had to work and therefore could not make it to dinner), but he ended up not having time to eat it before hopping a plane Monday morning. So, it was up to me, the Queen of White meat only (dark is to greasy) to do something with it.

Hmmmm...turkey soup?

So into a pot, i threw all the leftovers:

A lunch container of homemade chicken stock. (from the freezer)
A half container of veggie stock (leftover from Minestrone)
A sweet potato (leftover from Shepherd's pie)
A carrot (Minestrone)
Some new potatoes (from the garden, yum!)
A garlic clove (from Dill Pickles)
A quarter of a red onion (from an omelet dinner)
And, of course, the turkey leg chopped up, leftover from Thanksgiving dinner.

I chopped the veggies small, boiled them all in the broth and added the turkey at the last minute; and ta-da! 

I'm calling it Turkey Mash-Up.

Gobble, Gobble, another successful Thanksgiving. 

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