Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a busy weekend, but it was so much fun!! Yesterday morning, my nephew and I took a spin out to my Parents' house to drop off and pick up some things. We had brought over night bags just in case, because it was supposed to snow. By late afternoon, the snow had cleared, but K wanted to stay for dinner. And then he asked to stay the night. Nanny and Grampie took us out to dinner at a little diner in the country, it was delicious; and then we slept over. Both yesterday afternoon and this morning, we got to go out and play in the snow. My parents live on an old farm, about 45 minutes west of Saint John and east of Fredericton. The snow piles up and make for wonderful sliding and climbing adventures!!

Tall banks, this is a four year old that is as tall as a typical six year old, at the short end of the retaining wall, shortly after this, he climbed onto the bank. It is nice to be light and be able to stand on top of the snow!

Deep snow around the old chicken coop. I had to use snowshoes to get this far. 

Coming out of a face plant in the snow...smiling!! I missed the picture of him in the snow, and of the thumbs up after! 

Icicles hanging off the eaves.

Late this morning, we came back to town, picked up Mommy and Daddy and went out to have a Birthday Dinner. We went to a place called Churchills Pub/steakhouse (two places in one), the food was fabulous!!! For dessert i had deep fried kiss, basically a kiss wrapped in ice cream, and deep fried then drizzled in caramel. Yummy!! Although i could not find the kiss. If you ever come to Saint John, i highly recommend this dining establishment! it is a little out of the way, but a fantastic find! After lunch, my friend and I went shopping while K went to the hockey game with his parents (Seadogs won, yay!!). I bought a shirt to wear for my Valentine's date tomorrow night, we are going to the Bourbon QuarterMagnolia Cafe (another two in one) for dinner. This is a very posh place; one of, if not the, fanciest place in Saint John. I recommend it, to. 

But back to my own food. In between a trip to the country, two meals out and a shopping trip, i completed two baking projects. Yesterday morning, I finally used up my Lemon Curd, I made some lemon tarts. I just used store bought tart shells, baked them and dumped the curd into them. I then baked them a few more minutes, just to be sure. Easy as mini pie and very good! 

Tonight i finished my Mini chocolate cheesecakes for Valentine's Day. The recipe called for a ganache to be made of 2 ounces of chocolate and 2 Tbsp of heavy cream melted together, but i didn't want to buy a container of cream just for that small amount. So i made an icing out of a Tbsp of cocoa, about 4 Tbsp of icing sugar and about 2 Tbsp of my strawberry sauce. It could have taken a lot more icing sugar, but usually when i have that problem, i end up making it to sweet. So i just dipped my mini cheesecakes into the icing and let them drip like a donut. All those nights spent baking donuts for Timmie's and Robin's did not go to waste!! On top, i put a cinnamon heart, and they are ready to go!

I got this plate while i was out. Only a dollar fifty at Michael's, a great deal! So now, my house is a mess because i have not had time to clean, i am super tired and it has been 5 hours since lunch and i will not need dinner. What to do with the rest of my weekend? Not the housework, i am procrastinating. Time to relax!

Hope everyone had a great weekend to, and Happy Valentine's Day!! 


  1. Look at all that snow! How fun. Both of your treats look delicious. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

  2. They turned out great! And yes, great places to eat out uptown.

  3. Thank you. K was amazed at the snow, he even asked me "what's that?" when he saw the huge snowbank. The ones in town aren't quite as big.
    I love just about every restaurant Uptown, there are so many to choose from!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Natasha!!! Such lovely, tasty treats to celebrate :)

  5. Great pictures! Love to see kids playing in the snow. Your lemon tars and mini cheesecakes look beautiful and delicious:)

  6. That snow looks so pretty and like a great place to play! What fun.