Monday, January 24, 2011

Inventive Munchies

It has been a long time since I have gone into the kitchen poking in cupboards looking for an idea to pop into my head, and just going with it. Tonight's experiment came from a bad case of the munchies and an itchy tattoo. I have been trying to avoid all night that my new tattoo itches like the dickens. I don't want to scratch it, for fear that it will wreck the color before it heals, so i was looking for something to do to distract myself. As for the munchies, i had some popcorn, but really didn't feel like it; I had some Tostitos, that expired in August; and I had various crackers on the shelves, but i wasn't really feeling like those either. I started looking at my squares cookbook, then saw that it was almost eight; to late to begin cooking. I thought maybe pita pitas. Then POP! Into my head came an idea. Bread chips!

I took two pieces of bread and sliced the crusts off as close as i could. Those went into my crumb/crouton bag in the freezer for another time. Then i rolled them super flat with my rolling pin.

I then cut each piece into fifths and each one of those in half. Onto each piece, i spread a thin layer of garlic butter, and dipped it into some Parmesan cheese.

Finally, i threw them into the oven at about 375 F for 8 minutes. They came out as crispy little pieces of Parmesan toast.

I just threw them in a bowl and ate them plain, while watching a movie; but they will go well with any type of dipping sauce or even some ranch dressing. As for my tattoo, it is still bugging me. I will have to put some cream on it and go to bed soon. I got my sister to take some pictures this afternoon. I am very impressed with it and will be going back to the same artist this summer to have my other tattoo completed. 


  1. I hear ya with all the munchies and cravings. Just got my hubby to pick up some yeast so we can try out those spoon rolls!

  2. Very cool munchies. I love it when an idea turns out!