Sunday, January 16, 2011


Finally, the cake for this afternoon's wedding shower. This is not a homemade cake. Little sister's favorite cake is Rainbow Chip...not exactly something you can just whip up. So I bought a cake mix and had my little man K help mix it up. We counted the eggs (3) and compared the numbers on the box to the numbers on the measuring cup for oil and water, then measured everything out and timed the mixer while it spun. Finally, I dumped the mixture into a giant measuring cup so K could pour it into the pans.



K loves taking pictures to, he wanted to take one of the cake (i had the camera zoomed in from the others i had taken, so he got an extreme closeup)

All half bigger than the other, adds character. :-) 

Last night before bed, i gave the cake a crumb layer of icing and stuck it in the refrigerator to harden.  I was super tired when i did it, as it was close to midnight, and this morning when i pulled it out i discovered the mess i had made. Thankfully, i had remembered the waxed paper to protect the plate. 

This morning, i let the leftover icing warm while the cake stayed chilled. I spread the warm over the cold to (almost) get a smooth finish.

Finally, i decorated it. I just wrote 'Congratulations' on it (i had it right, but i put it into a spell check program and wrote it down first to be absolutely sure; don't want to end up on Cake Wrecks). 

I added the loops and flowers because i thought it looked a bit plain, i used gel in the center of the flowers. Now all i have to do is remove the waxed paper and put a cover over it, and somehow get it to the other side of town with all my other goodies.

The color of the wedding is Hunter green. I tried my best to make this color, i used about 8 drops of green and 3 of blue in about 6 Tbsp of icing to get the above. I think it maybe needed twice that to get the real color, but i know she will appreciate it either way. Six more weeks to go! 

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  1. The cake turned out great! I always loved helping my Mom bake - those are some of my best memories.