Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marshmallow Fondant to Remember.

Yesterday i was reading a blog I follow called Single Dad Laughing and he asked "Where were you when the World stopped Turning?". It is the title of an Alan Jackson song, referring to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. I posted my memories of that day in his comments and then started thinking that I wanted to remember in my own way. I wanted to make a cake to 'send' to my neighbours to the South to let them know they are not alone tomorrow on their day of mourning. I decided to try two new things, a single person cake recipe I found on Happier than a Pig in Mud last week; and I wanted to try marshmallow fondant. A google search led me to a blog i already follow The Decorated Cookie. You can find the recipes by clicking on the bold links.Here is my tribute to the Red White and Blue, not as pretty as I had hoped, but pretty good for a first go.

That morning ten years ago, I was at the laundromat in Grand Bay. Fall was coming and I had to wash some of my heavy blankets that would not fit in Mom's washing machine. I was living with my parents and working at Tim Horton's, it was a Tuesday, my day off. I spent my days off usually in the city hanging out with my baby sister, who had moved out the January before to be closer to the University. 

I was at the laundromat early, it is just a tiny one, no television or radio. I finished up, popped a tape in the car radio and drove the 20 minutes home. It was about 9 AM; we are an hour ahead of New York City. Oblivious to what was happening in the world around me, I dropped off my blankets and headed back out. I was planning on picking up my sister and her boyfriend at University and we were going for lunch. My Dad was at work and my Mom was just pulling in the driveway from running her errands. 

About a quarter of the way to Saint John I realized I was running early, so I decided to take the old way through Westfield and Grand Bay instead of the highway, which takes about 15 minutes less. Just after pulling off the highway, i got stuck sitting at a construction site. The Flagger holding the stop sign ahead of my was kinda cute, so I popped the Disney tape out and turned on the radio. And this is when I heard what was going on. I immediately picked up my cell phone and called home; my older sister, who lived next door, answered. I told her what I had heard and to turn on the radio; she said they were watching it on television.

I made my way to the University to pick up my sister, listening to reports as they came in. When she got out of class, I asked my sister if anyone had told her what was going on. I filled her in and she said yeah, she had heard it, but she had also heard that it was a rumour that was just going around, a joke someone had started. I told her it was on the radio and television, so it was true. We found her boyfriend and decided to go to McDonald's for lunch, as they have televisions and play the news almost non-stop. 

The part of the day I remember the most is sitting at McDonald's eating hamburgers and watching the news. We were only 19 and 20, and we are far away from New York, so at the time I do not think we realized just how massive this was. We sat with everyone else and watched, eating our hamburgers, i know we sat a little longer after we were done, but then we just left. I can't remember the rest of the day. I can't even remember when I found out about the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crashes, but I think it was when we were eating lunch. 

I remember the days that followed, though. I remember the pictures. I remember my Dad taking my cell phone and disconnecting the internet because they had said to stay off both to keep the lines free, so people who need to get in touch with their families could. I remember hearing about planes landing in Gander, Newfoundland; and how the people there opened their arms in true Canadian spirit to the passengers stranded. I distinctly remember walking around the community college the next day with a friend, he was attending classes there and they had been postponed. We walked into a classroom that had a half dozen people gathered around a television watching the attacks as they were shown again and again. We stood there watching until I couldn't any longer. For me, this is when the heartache set in and i truly realized the massiveness of it all. 

I have seen a lot of memories in the last few days, on television, online, everywhere. As the tenth anniversary arrives, i agree with the people that say we need to take this day back. Yes, it is a sad day and needs to be remembered; but it can not be the day that we are all afraid of.  As we are remembering tomorrow, I hope everyone has at least one happy thought. Remember the good times as well as the bad. Let's take the day back from the people who have struck terror in our hearts. 

I am not going to post my stolen cake and fondant recipes, perhaps some other day when I try them again. I will however show off how I got to my tribute cake with these few pictures. 

Cake Mix

Mini Cake

Fondant relaxing.

Coloured Fondant.
Trial 1; to thin and stuck the the counter.

Trial 2, mashed the stars into it and flipped it over onto the cake.

Finished cake with crumbs (from size testing and forgetting i was planning on flipping it).

I am hoping fondant freezes well, as i have plenty left over.

Tomorrow dawns a new day. My wish is that while we remember those lost, we find something that will make us smile. Be happy. Take back September 11th.

Have a good weekend, everyone. 

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