Friday, September 30, 2011

Crock-pot Pear & Apple Sauce.

I stumbled upon this recipe early last week on a blog written by a fellow Canadian, Cookin' Canuck . I had been thinking of making apple sauce for awhile, but when I saw this i decided it would not take much more effort to throw some pears in, so i went out and bought some. Being a great multitasker, i threw everything in my crock pot Tuesday night, and went to bed. :-) Since I changed the recipe a bit, I will post my method; you can find the original Here.

Crock-pot Pear & Apple Sauce.

6 apples.
4 Bartlett pears.
3 Tbsp sugar.
1/2 tsp cinnamon.
1 tsp ginger.
1/4 cup water (or apple juice)

Pour water or juice in crockpot. Peel, core and slice pears and apples on top. Add sugar and spices, stir. Cook on low 8 hours, stirring a few times to break up fruit. For smoother sauce, cool and pulse in a blender for 30 to 60 seconds.

I got a 1 L mason jar, plus this small amount. At first i thought it was really sour, but then out of the blue a few hours later i realized I had forgotten the sugar! I didn't bother going back to add it to my jar, but i might as it is used up.

The original recipe called for 5 apples and 5 pears, but i had just glanced at the recipe before i bought them, so i figured 4 would be enough. I just substituted with an additional apple. Also, I cut down on the ginger, just as a personal preference.

I have been putting a Tbsp of this in my oatmeal all week, it turned out delicious! The pear flavour is not really noticeable, but it could be because i used more pears than apples. I will have to try again with the correct amount.

Except for the first day, Autumn has been hot and muggy so far. They say it is supposed to be really nice for the full season. Here's hoping, because our Summer was mostly wet and mild!

Hope everyone has had a good week, and a great weekend coming up! Next weekend is Thanksgiving here, I have been tasked with making the pumpkin pies this year! Instead of using a can of mix, I am planning on making them from scratch like we did last November!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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