Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four Way Cookies

I'm Back! It took eight days, but life is back to normal, the new place is arranged and now a home, and i have broken in my new kitchen. In the comments from my last post, i had requests for a picture of my new kitchen. Here it is! Twice the size (maybe even three times) a little cluttered for now, but i still have a bit of rearranging to do.

I figured the first recipe in my new oven had to be a simple cookie, just to test the oven. I have found it is baking a bit hot, so i will have to turn it down slightly the next time. This recipe i got from a cookbook called Basic Baking: baking from scratch, easy as pie. I love the recipes in this book because they are all quick and easy; simple enough for a baker of any level.

Four Way Cookies.

1 cup butter.
1/2 cup sugar.
1/2 cup brown sugar.
1 egg.
1 tsp vanilla extract.
2 cups flour.
1/2 tsp baking soda.
Any 4 of the following add-ins: 1/4 cup of either raisins, dried cranberries, chopped pecans, chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, colored sprinkles, shredded coconut, or 1 square semi-sweet chocolate, melted.

In bowl of mixer, beat together butter and sugars until creamy. Add egg and vanilla, blend until combined. Add flour and soda, mix until completely incorporated. Divide dough into 4 balls, add 1/4 cup of an add-in to each ball, or add 1 cup to entire mix (or 1/4 cup of four to entire mix).
Scoop onto prepared cookie sheets, bake at 375 F for 8 to 10 minutes. Makes 5-6 dozen cookies.

I used a bit of raisins, some cinnamon chips and some coconut. The batter was very dry, and i didn't even use the full amount of flour. I did not fully incorporate the add-ins, so some have just raisins, some just coconut or chips, and other a combination of all three.

They taste fine, but are very dry. Oh, and i only got about 28 using my mini scoop. A far cry from the 60 promised. And a bonus, the heat of the oven warmed up my kitchen a bit. It has been raining since Saturday lunchtime (thankfully, we had everything moved by 11) and the temperature has dropped to 6 C (43 F), with a whistling wind that is giving me the creeps after listening to it since yesterday morning. I ended up breaking down and turning the heat back on tonight. I do not know where Spring is, but it is most certainly not in Saint John!

Hope everyone had a great week while i was away; stay toasty and see you soon!

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