Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Pasta Sauce

Home made Pasta sauce usually takes all day; but a couple years ago, i found a quick, and cheap, way to make it! All you really need is one small can of tomato sauce, and one of tomato paste. I usually use the garlic paste to add flavor. In my grocery store, each of these cans cost less than 2 dollars. Throw these both into a pot (use a small rubber spatula to get the paste out), and stir until heated. Now usually, i find this mixture quite i raid the spice rack!

To my sauce / paste mixture, i add 1 tsp garlic butter, a small dash of Cayenne pepper, and either some parsley and onion powder, or a premade spice mix (like Mrs. Dash). I never add salt and pepper, but you can if you wish. Add whatever spices you have to your own taste. If i am using it all right away, i add hamburger, green peppers, onions and some Parmesan cheese. Put i am just 1, so i usually do not use it all right away.

Stir this on LOW heat (it will boil on a very low temperature, and don't turn your back, it will make a mess!) After it cools, i usually put it in an empty yogurt container. They are airtight and it will keep for up to 3 weeks. I find it will get a bit of condensation on the top of the sauce when it comes out of the fridge, but give it a stir and it is good as new. It gets better with age!

I use this sauce with everything, and i mean everything. It adds flavor! Mix a spoonful into a pot of KD. Add some into your grilled cheese before cooking. I even use it on my eggs! Of course, it can be used for plain old pasta and meatballs as well. Either way, it is delicious, quick and easy.

I am going to enjoy my pasta and sauce while watching Game 6 of the playoffs, Moncton has won 3 games, Saint John 2. It is the best of seven, so this could be the deciding game!

Let's go Seadogs!!!

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