Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Breakfast for dinner

I went for a long walk tonight and got home quite a bit later than expected, so i decided to whip up a quick dinner, an egg wrap!

My egg wraps are kind of 'leftover' egg wraps, i throw a bit of whatever is in the fridge into it. Tonight i browned a bit of onion while i mixed 2 eggs, about 2 Tbsp of milk, some spice mix (like Mrs. Dash), some Parmesan cheese and some bacon bits. I whipped all this with a fork, so it will cook up nice and fluffy. Then i poured it over my onions.

Usually, i can turn an egg round in my small frying pan with out ripping it. It comes out a fine circle to match my pita. Unfortunately, tonight it tore. But that is OK. After letting the concoction cook one one side, i flip it, of course. So long as it is cooked enough that it will not need to be flipped again, i spread some of my home made pasta sauce on it and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese (or what ever is on hand).

While the cheese is melting, and the bottom is cooking, i spread some mayo (Miracle Whip) on a pita. Then i slide the egg concoction onto the pita, and roll it up! It looks kind of nasty, but tastes yummy!

I usually don't bother tucking in the ends like a burrito because i use a knife and fork to eat it with. I recommend using a sharp knife, or it will be messy! Usually once it is sliced open, you can see the layers quite distinctively, but since it was not flipped whole, today you can't.

I also sometimes have this for breakfast, of course. Usually it is a weekend treat. I serve it with a bit of yogurt, a banana and some juice!

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