Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swimming in Cupcakes

Last week we had a team meeting. They routed all of our calls offshore for two hours while we sat, gabbed and ate. It wasn't all fun, we did go over some business, but it was really an enjoyable time. 

I am on the R&R committee at work, which means I helped set up and tear down our lovely meal. We had decided to go with a picnic themed sandwich bar. We had everything set out for people to make their own sandwiches, and we added a few picnic goodies like watermelon, chips and a lovely cake for dessert. I made these little cuties as a contribution to our meal, it is something I found online.

I started out with a cake mix, quick and easy. I used a Rainbow Bit mix, and just made it into cupcakes.

Yummy! They would have been perfect as is, Rainbow Bit is one of my favourites. I slapped some blue icing onto them. And i discovered just how difficult it is to make waves with a knife.

I slightly stretched peach candy rings and slid a Teddy Graham (no name brand) into each, this is their floaty ring. Then i just perched them on top of each cupcake! 

I have seen other versions that have sand made out of crushed graham crackers, or little umbrellas that you get in bar drinks, but i decided not to go so fancy. 

Everyone thought they were really cute, and i had a few people fighting over the last two! I guess cake mixes are sometimes the way to go!

Hope everyone is having a great first full week of summer! It has been raining non-stop here, we may have to break out the pool floaties to! 

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  1. What fun cupcakes Natasha! Thank you for sharing with me. I can see why people were fighting over the final two!