Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homemade Nacho Dip

Last week, cheez whiz was on sale for 3.99 a jar, half price! I have not had cheez whiz in years, one because of the price, and two because i'm a little wary of the word 'processed'. But, i have a few recipes that call for it that i want to try out, so i went for it. This is something i came up with years ago when i was looking for a munch and had nothing to dip my Tostitos in, I threw together some ingredients and made a yummy treat, homemade nacho cheese. 

I start with a good glop of cheez whiz. Usually about 1/4 of the medium jar. This is enough for one serving. I also add about a tsp of garlic butter. 

I turn the stove onto medium to start melting them together, and as it melts i stir and add milk to thin it. Usually about a Tbsp at a time until it looks good. Meanwhile, i chop a bit of green pepper and onion.

This is a mini cutting board, and a toothpick laying beside the chopped veggies, so when i say a little bit, i mean a little bit :-) Usually i try to cut them really fine, but i didn't bother this time. 

When it is thin enough, i add garlic powder, the veggies and some cayenne pepper for a bit of kick. I keep stirring it until it is nice and hot (i do not like cold nacho cheese, i am always going back to the microwave with it). Break out the Tostitos and you are good to go! Yum!

It has been a busy week, hope everyone is having a great one! It is almost Father's Day weekend, we are heading to my parents Sunday for BBQ, can't wait!

Have a good week, everyone!

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  1. Hmm Nachos and that dip and a good football game...sounds like fun :-)