Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cake Ball melting snowballs.

It's hard to believe that just two days ago we had weather that rivalled any day last June. Schools were cancelled and it has been freezing rain since the wee hours of the morning, and they are calling for snow overnight. Technically, it is still winter for another six days, but i'd rather have the spring weather we had Monday than what we are getting today!

I made these cake balls upon request from the R&R committee at work. They wanted something to give to everyone to kick off St. Patrick's week, and also to commemorate the clocks moving forward, and thus the unofficial beginning of spring. They described cake balls, dripping in white chocolate and with little frowns on them. This is what I came up with:

This is before i drew the faces on them with edible markers. Cake balls are easy enough to make, i used a basic chocolate cake mix, made as per the box.

I let it cool overnight and then crumbled it, I found it easier to crumble it after i cut it in squares, it was just easier then tearing it apart. Once the cake is completely crumbled, you add icing.

I had to divide it into two bowls to mix it, as there was so much. I used a full container of store bought icing. Yummy. Once it is completely gucked up and mixed together, just roll it into balls, about the size of a Timbit (or donut hole, for those who are not in or near Canada and a Tim Horton's). They dip best if frozen, i kept them on the pans overnight before dipping.

Finally, i melted down some poor, defenceless, unsuspecting white chocolate bunnies. They are a great cheap source of chocolate. I put a teaspoonful on the waxed paper, dropped a frozen cake ball onto it, and then spooned more melted chocolate over it.

Everyone who ate them said they were great, i didn't try them because i find white chocolate to sweet. i gave mine to a co-worker who has two kids.

I got 65 cake balls out of the cake, so i had plenty of leftovers. I used the rest this morning for another recipe. They are still chilling and have one more thing to add, then i will reveal!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday, and that Spring has sprung wherever you are!

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