Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies.

I have a confession to make...i am addicted to cookies.  Although i am sure it is not a healthy addiction, i must admit it is not one that i am putting all my effort into quitting. And, making cookies every week is practice for when i have school aged kids. Kids need homemade cookies in their lunches. Right? Well, "that's my story and i'm stickin' to it" as they say :-)

So this recipe came about when i realized my poor, lonely cookie jar has been empty for nearly three weeks! The atrocity! So i did an internet search and came upon Food Network Canada's site, I stole this recipe from Chief Michael Smith, one of my favorite Food Network stars. He lives on Prince Edward Island, which is practically next door to me in New Brunswick. On one of his shows, he likes to get his ingredients locally. Because he is somewhat local to me, i can use his recipes with no worries about sourcing the ingredients. This is one of two recipes that i stole this afternoon, the other one will come the next time i need something sweet for a pot luck, since it is something i would not be able to eat all by myself. Well, enough jabbering, on with the recipe!

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

1 stick butter.
1 cup sugar.
1 Tbsp molasses.
1 egg.
1 Tbsp vanilla extract.
1 cup oats.
1 cup flour.
1 tsp baking powder.
1 cup chocolate chips.

Blend butter and sugar until creamy. Add egg and blend well. Add molasses and vanilla, mix until well combined. Stir together oats, flour and baking powder. Add to butter mixture. Fold in chocolate chips.
Drop by teaspoonful onto prepared sheets. Bake at 375 F for 12 to 15 minutes. Coll slightly on pans before moving to racks.

I was writing an email and left them in the oven maybe a minute to long. Oops. They are a little crispy, but not burnt. The recipe made 32 cookies. I used my new scoop for them, and when i was putting them in the oven i realized the batter was really wet. I thought that they were going to expand because of this, and almost took a few off the pan (i had eight on each) so they would not expand into each other; but i changed my mind at the last minute and they did not expand to much.

And a batter shot. I used the mixer to make the batter, and then folded in the chips by hand. The batter tasted a lot like molasses, but the first cookie i tried did not. The second seemed to have a bit more of the molasses taste. I am personally not crazy about molasses, and if it had any more in the recipe, i probably would not have chosen it.

These are a great cookie, crispy on the outside and soft inside, for now at least. Hopefully they do not go rock hard when they cool, as I find a lot of oatmeal cookies do.

The cookie jar is filled again, which means all is well in my little corner of the world. So if you need me, i'll be in the kitchen. I'll be the one hugging the cookie jar :-)


  1. Oatmeal makes them practically breakfast (and a health food). They look really good...

  2. Cookies an unhealthy obsession? No way! Heck, these have oatmeal in them. Like Cher says, that's a healthy breakfast (and lunch, snack, dinner, mid day nosh, etc...)

  3. I am glad to have friends in my little cookie-loving boat :-) I have never actually eaten cookies for breakfast...i will admit to having one of the little cake balls from my cake pops last weekend as a pre-breakfast munch.

  4. Hi Natasha-Your oatmeal chocolate chip cookies look amazing, and now I'm craving for them. Gotta make a batch. Yummm!
    Thanks for sharing:DDD