Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Candy Cane Heart Wreath

I have always been a crafter; mostly scrapbooking and needlepoint, but I have tried many different things. I know this is a cooking blog, but i think i am going to expand my horizons and post a craft i tried a few days ago. This is another idea I found on Pintrest, it led me to a website called Beverly's. My wreath didn't turn out quite as symmetrical as hers, but i like it. :-) 

Basically you need 22 candy canes (i ended up only using 20), a length of ribbon and a glue gun. She also used something called E6000, i think it is a special type of glue but I have never heard of it and i'm sure you can't get it around here, so i just used my glue gun. Step one is to glue the candy canes back to back. 

Once that dries, flip them over and put the bows on. I was a bit short on ribbon and dexterity, so instead of tying mini bows, i just folded the ribbon over itself and cut the ends on an angle to look a bit fancy. I also realized at this point that I put the bows a bit to low on the candy canes. 

Finally, flip them over again and glue the ends together to form hearts. I found it easiest to glue sets of two together and then go back and glue those together to form a ring. This is here you are supposed to use the E6000 to hold the ends together. 

It is a bit messy because I got the candy canes at the dollar store, and it was hard to find matching sizes in the same box. The final step is to use some extra ribbon to create a hanger. I took a picture off the wall above my mantle and hung my wreath there. Except for being non-symmetrical, it looks really good. If i do this again next year, i will use better quality candy canes. This is a good last minute decoration, altogether it only took about 20 minutes! 

I haven't got my tree up yet, but i think it is going to be sometime this week. I wanted to wait for the weekend, but it looks like it might be to busy! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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