Saturday, June 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pals.

About a month ago, I mentioned i was participating in a trade off called Foodie Pen Pals.  Click HERE to read more about it and sign up. Basically, you get matched up with someone, usually in your own country, and send them a Food parcel that is valued at 15 dollars or less. Just to mix it up a bit, you also get matched with someone else who sends you a parcel. So you are not sending and receiving from the same person. I sent a parcel of New Brunswick goodies off to Saskatchewan, and i received a lovely box of chocolate from Ontario! Here is a peek at what i received:

Some mini chocolate bars and a gourmet coconut chocolate bar, yum, chocolate coconut is one of my favourites! 

A box of chocolate mint tea, a perfect pick me up! And another of my favourites. Mint is perfect if you are tired, it wakes up the senses. 

Organic Chocolate covered raisins. I have tried a few things in this brand, but it is fairly new around here, so i had not found these yet. Their animal crackers are excellent! 

Cherry honey!! I have never had flavoured honey before, and Cherry is another of my favourite flavours! 

A box of home made chocolate bars with lots of healthy ingredients! 

They look kind of funny, and i'll admit i was hesitant to try them, but my Pen Pal said her kids love them! I tried a bite and they are delicious! It was a nice pick me up on a day that i was feeling yucky. 

And, to even all this chocolately goodness out, a health food magazine. I've already picked out a few recipes to try, but it has been a long couple of weeks so I have not had the chance yet. I have not seen this one on shelves around here, so I am glad for a chance to peruse something new! 

I also participated in another group this month, a crafting one. I have received my parcel but know mine has not arrived yet, so I am going to hold off posting until that arrives. No fair that I can post and my partner can't just because i slacked on the mailing date! 

If you are interested in joining Foodie Pen Pals, run on over to The Lean Green Bean and sign up, I highly recommend it, it's great trying something new! 

Hope everyone is having a great Canada Day Weekend (or almost 4th of July).

The Lean Green Bean

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